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Employee PC Monitoring Software

Monitor computer of your employees’ and increase the overall productivity of workforce!

Many a times you don’t get the output you have expected from your employees. This happens because several employees waste their precious working hours doing unproductive work, Such as chatting, playing games, Internet surfing, online shopping, etc. Research conducted by many experts has shown that major portion of productive man-hours gets wasted in different unproductive activities that could be very well diverted towards performing some fruitful task.

Especially, if you own a big office set-up with hundreds and thousands of employees working the collective man-hours that are being wasted could very well result in the big loss to the organization. But paying a proper attention could help you save all these man-hours!

But the most vital question is - “How to do it?’ It is not possible to manually monitor each of the employees throughout the day. However, the best approach you can opt is usage of PC Monitoring Software.

PC monitoring application has been smartly programmed and very useful in keeping an eye on desktop of numerous employees. The utility turn very beneficial in situation when you require monitoring different computers working in the same network. It won’t be wrong to consider it as a surveillance camera that constantly points towards the employee’s desktop.

Using this PC Monitoring Software, You could very well keep an eye on desktops of multiple employees simultaneously and get a clear idea about all the activities. By having such surveillance it gets lot easier for you to prevent misuse of office hours. Besides this, you could also take care of sensitive or confidential information from the company.

The most remarkable highlight of the software is it allows you to install on the desktop of your employees without their knowledge. In fact, the software operates effortlessly and there is no way employee could ever know whether their computer is under surveillance.

So, how does a PC Monitoring Software works?

The PC Spy Software has basically two setup files- Viewer Setup and Agent Setup.

User operating this application must keep in mind that the Agent Setup must be installed on the targeted employees’ computer system. Apart from this, the Viewer Setup needs to be installed on administrator computer who will monitor (view) the activities. You can install the Agent Setup on multiple computers and watch their activities Live on Viewer’s desktop.

What makes the software the most ideal option for monitoring employees’ desktop activity is its ability to monitor the computer system of the employees even when you are not on your desktop. In fact, all that you got to do is just schedule offline recording on target computers. Make sure you set the recording parameters, such as start and finish time of recording. This PC monitoring software will record the employee activities for that particular time period and save it in .avi file format. You can view this recording using any video viewing software. With so many advance features, definitely it is one such application can be extremely useful for all those organizations that want to keep a proper check on unproductive wastage of time, security breaches, and unlawful transfer of confidential information.

Download the Free Demo Version - Desktop Activity Recorder

The demo version of the tool is available at free of cost. One can easily download the trial version of this PC Monitoring Software and get detailed idea about its functionalities. However, the trial version comes with certain limitation. In fact, one can make use of trial version just for seven days after installation. Moreover, the trial version just permits you to monitor only one computer in a network. Once you are satisfied with the working of the demo version, you can download the complete version of the software.


Key Features
  • Facilitates you have a clear view of employee’s desktop on your computer screen
  • Helps you monitor real time desktop activity of employees in a network
  • Makes the entire process of monitoring multiple computers simultaneously right from one centralized computer
  • Works secretly. Employees are not aware of their computer being monitored
  • Allows you to install Agent Setup remotely on target computers
  • Provides dual monitor facility enabling easy monitoring of all activities on two different computers
  • Facilitates option to schedule offline and online recording
  • Permits user to conduct certain activities on target computer, such as starting screen saver, changing/removing wallpaper or even restarting the computer
  • Facilitates user with notification set-up feature that enables user to notify the computer being monitored by sending popup messages
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